Story of my life:

2 a.m. I hear my Son crying. He must have had a nightmare. Holding in my hands, singing nor hugging helps. What now? Maybe he wants something to drink? -Naaaah. Maybe he’s hungry? – Naaaah. Focus Mama, focus! Din din din! 🛎🛎🛎Maybe a tooth is erupting again? I give him a cold ring. It’s helping! 30 seconds later he starts crying again. Ok, a gum massage? -Naaaah. I need do give him a pain-killer. If I don’t, he will cry the whole night.

When my son’s first tooth was erupting I was soooo excited! Honestly, I couldn’t wait till I see this little white spot on his gum ☺️ I have taken around 100 photos of his mouth and sent it to my husband and parents. (I know I am crazy 🙈).

And now? After 16 teeth, the excitement sank. I am counting days till this nightmare ends. We don’t sleep, we don’t eat, we are angry when a tooth is erupting. Sounds familiar to anyone?

I have read lots of articles and forums about teething (symptoms and best ways of dealing with it), always trying to find ANYTHING that would help my little one (and me- indirectly) during this crazy and painful period.Reading forums never helps. Especially when other Mommas write about their babies asymptomatic teething, and that they have never given them any pain-killing suspension or suppositories because they don’t want to POISON their little ones. Then, I start thinking that I’m a bad mom and I can’t help my Son in other, non-pharmacological way, like other moms do. What’s wrong with me? Am I doing the bare minimum when I give my Son a suppository with acetaminophen?     Thank God for my Husband who knows when to move in and set me straight.

To our point- how can you help your Little One during teething? Non-pharmacological ways are reserved for brave Ones.

✔️chilled teeth rings/fruit/veggies,

✔️chewing pacifiers or bottle nipples,

✔️gum massage.

Some kids feel the pain very strongly or some other symptoms may occur during teething; like fever. We can try using some OTC agents to relieve the symptoms of teething:

❗️Benzocaine gels/sprays/ointments, according to FDA, should not be administered because they wash off very fast and can be dangerous (using it can lead to methemoglobinemia),

❗️Homeopathic agents- I do not believe in homeopathy, that’a why I do not recommend using it. Whats the point of giving your child something that doesn’t work🤷🏼‍♀️

✔️Acetaminophen (suspension/suppositories), according to WHO it’s the safest pain-killing agent for babies and little kids and can be administered from first days of life.

✔️Ibuprofen (suspension/in some countries suppositories) can be administered after third month of life. This agent has antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can’t be administered to children with inadequate renal function, on an empty stomach or during a diarrhea.

❗️❗️It is not recommended to administer children antipyretic drugs in suppositories because we are never sure if the agent was absorbed in the right dose due to frequency of bowel movements. We use suppositories as a last resort, eg: when child vomits.

That would be my whole story and knowledge about teething ☺️

Remember: if you are not sure or have ANY doubts in medicating you should contact your pediatrician or a pharmacist.

What are your remedies for your babies teething? Leave mea comment!

Xx, PharMom

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