Do you have the feeling of being judged all the time? Especially by other moms? (I am not writing “parents” deliberately because I hardly ever have the same feeling about Men)

Sometimes, while reading parenting blogs, forums or posts on Facebook groups I feel like moms are being ruthless to each other.

There are many sensitive subjects that many moms may have different opinions about, there are some that should be obvious and undisputed to everyone (like vaccinating) and some that are so negligible that it’s not even worth hassling.

When I was pregnant I had an opinion about everything connected to parenting. Literally, everything. I thought that after having few books and blog posts read, I was the master of motherhood.

And guess what? After my Son waus born my opinion about most things changed as fast as a blink of an eye.

Rarely everything is the same as you assumed in the first place.

Shortly after my Little One was born, I stopped judging other moms (loudly) simply because I didn’t want to be judged by others too and I also understood that nothing is as easy as you assumed.

The biggest storms between moms begin when there’s a discussion about breastfeeding/vaccinating/sleep training or c-section. Sometimes arguing moms can be so cruel to each other that I can hardly believe a MOM could write such awful things about another human being.

The idea of starting online support groups for moms is to help each other, am I right? To collect knowledge, ideas or experience.

Sometimes, you can get judged by moms in your closest surrounding.

When I was pregnant, I already knew that I HAVE TO breastfeed. I have been told to do that! I felt like I have no choice. I couldn’t say out loud that I am not sure about it or if I will simply like breastfeeding.

I mean, I knew my Baby would benefit from it and that I will do my best to keep breastfeeding my Son but the fact of leaving me no choice was the worst. How do people dare to tell you what to do? (I am not writing about medical issues. I trust pediatricians and people who are educated in this area.)

I struggled with breastfeeding for a long time, I was pushed by people to keep trying harder and harder but my head was blocked. Nothing helped. I wish I could breastfeed longer than I actually did but there are barriers that I couldn’t cross. So, our Milky Way ended after 7 months.

And, obviously, whenever I say out loud how long I breastfed my Son, I get judged.

One close person tried to give me a book called “Birth without violence” and gave me a speech about brutality of a c-section.

Imagine the face expression of this person when it turned out that my delivery ended exactly like this.

And, again, when people asked me how my Son was born I shaked before telling the truth out loud.

Today, I don’t give a damn about other moms opinions. I am sure of my decisions and if I’m not- I ask.

Did you ever experience the same? Or maybe I am oversensitive? 🤔



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