We have decided to move to the US right after we got married. That was my dream come true (my husband didn’t know it was his dream either), I have been planning to move since I started thinking rationally 😃 

But seriously, this wasn’t the easiest time in our lives, especially because our Son was only 3 months-old when my husband left, and 7 months-old when we joined him.  

Being far away from my husband was really hard. We had a little baby, who was changing really fast and his daddy wasn’t able to be a part of that. 

It doesn’t matter today because we are together and there’s almost nothing that could separate us. 

First days after coming to the States were really great. I was exploring the neighborhood, walking, walking, walking, taking care of our little family. But then… the time has come… I had to start thinking about nostrificating my diploma. I need to go to work one day, ok? 

I had no idea where to start; that was like a dark magic to me. I was reading lots of forums, blog posts and I couldn’t find anything honest. I was frightened, people were writing that there is not much work for pharmacists nowadays and they highly recommend changing profession. 

How can I change my profession? Being a pharmacist is, literally, the only thing I can do! (Medical students know what am I talking about).

Then, I started searching for Facebook supporting groups… Ta-daaaa! (Why haven’t I thought about it in the first place?!) there it was- people shared there experiences, fears, hopes, dreams, literally-everything! I felt like reaching oasis in the middle of nowhere. 

I started reading, asking questions, I met few people and I was ready to start fighting for my future! 💪🏻 

Now, one year of hard working, sacrifice and studying passed and I am waiting for my FPGEE results. 

There’s still a long way to go but I am determined like never before. 

Xx, PharMom

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